1. The comment section under any story would make one wonder about the sanity of the world. Some comments are serious and others trolling to get a reaction, but all represent a minority of one. A couple anecdotes do not tell us much.

    1. Yes, comments are notorious for trolling and ignorance, but I think these are telling. There are over a hundred comments and there is a pattern to them. Rather than taking individual comments as a “minority of one”, consider the pattern. There’s a common strand throughout many of those comments, and it’s woven with threads of ignorance, disrespect, privilege, and anger.

      1. Over a hundred comments, but out of a population of hundreds of millions. I know it is representative of something and yet not sure if it is something to worry too much about.

        I think people tend to focus on the wrong problems. 9/11 was horrific, yet the trillions we spent to get Bin Laden, the liberties and lives sacrificed, were they worth it? Would the time, resources and attention trying to get him be better spent on cancer research or even just handed out in checks to American citizens? Yeah, probably…

        Point being: Focusing on evil doesn’t make the world a better place. Yes, certainly, there is a time when evil must be confronted, but there are also times when ignorant people should not be dignified and examples of goodness should be lauded instead.

      2. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand how annoying the reality of prejudice is and I am doubly when white friends post videos like this: https://youtu.be/BLb3o65q0vk

        1) Because it feeds fear, brings too much attention to a fringe extreme and is probably motivated by racial prejudice.

        2) Because it does represent something real, it does show that real hatred exists and if these guys are saying it then how many others harbor the same sentiments?

        But, again, both those who post this kind of thing on my news feed and those in the video do not represent vast majorities either. They both probably deserve less of our attention.

      3. Considering that the default response to the many manifestations of white supremacy throughout the history of the United States of America is silence, and that silence in many ways equates to complicity, I think it’s important and valuable to analyze and criticize any manifestation of white supremacy, however trivial it might seem.

      4. When you view the world through a microscope you risk becoming small in your thinking. You might miss the big picture and those too focused on others are doing might miss opportunities to change what is more within their power to change today.

        I think of an article I saw yesterday about need to protect black men. I started to read the response and was astonished. The response was mostly black women and not sympathetic either. The general theme: Why should we care about black men when they don’t care about us. And that’s the nice way of saying it.

        Maybe we should all concentrate a bit less on what they are doing, a bit less on what is best for our own tribe (race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc) and a bit more on our common humanity. Too lofty a goal?

  2. Thanks for blogging about this Charles. I wouldn’t have found out about this if it wasn’t for your post.

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